Hangzhou Nbond Nonwoven Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002(stock code:603238),invested by Hangzhou Robam industrial group. On 22nd February, 2017, it went on public officially at Shanghai Stock Exchange(SSE), currently it owns 8 advanced spunlace nonwovens production lines.

    Up till now, Nbond has provided excellent products and technical solution plans for more than 500 customers both from home and abroad and keeps contributing to sustainable development of social environment. Nbond has built good reputation in this field by his leading technology and diversified high-end quality standard, and has been elected into top 10 enterprise of China Nonwovens Industry in 2012-2013,2014-2015, top 20 in china and has become one of the leading international corporations in spunlace nonwovens industry.

    Over 10 years, Nbond has been committing to technical development and production of spunlace nonwovens materials, keep tight pace with international market, and get rid of traditional copycat development mode totally. Nbond independently owns almost a hundred of international and domestic patents. Current spunlace nonwovens products cover 4 series, 30 verities , 1200 specifications; including beauty care material, industrial material, household wiping material, medical material and many series product groups in different fields and for different purposes. In year 2013, Nbond overcame technical bottleneck developed a fully bio-degradable spunlace material Sanlyzox and successfully launched to the market. What’s more , Nbond realized to become the first manufacturer in China to produce in large-scale and sold this material to international market. Its performance has reached global leading standard. This fact actively boosts Chinese spunlace technology development towards to world’s advanced level.

    Nbond sticks firmly to the goal “Establish the most competitive spunlace nonwoven corporation in the world“ and widen gaps from our peer competitors. Nbond is equipped with cutting edge laboratory, including physics lab area, chemical lab area and microorganism lab area to realize daily Surveillance of raw and auxiliary material, jumbo rolls, converted products and etc.

    In year 2014, Nbond put heavy invest to build Reclaimed water reuse system, steam recycle system and the largest Photovoltaic power generation system among China’s single enterprises, by doing so, Nbond can achieve energy-saving and emission-reduction in all aspects, keep trying to be a socially responsible and eco-friendly company.

    Nbond owns a subsidiary company Hangzhou Bonyee Daily Necessity Technology Co.,Ltd. It takes full use of Nbond’s leading technology in spunlace nonwovens industry, and focuses on research on nonwovens converting, and skin cleaning & care. Products cover wet wipes, beauty care products, wet wipes, industrial wipes and etc. It also provides effective products solution plans and OEM,ODM services for big international companies from Japan, America, Korea, Australia and etc.

    In the future Nbond will keep devoted itself to technology development and production of spunlace nonwovens material, combine excellent leading technology tightly with demands and services from customers and suppliers, offer better products and services for more customers, quickly achieve the strategic goal of establishing the most competitive spunlace nonwovens corporation in the world.

The enterprise culture
  • China technology market Golden Bridge Award
  • China Textile Industry Association product development Contribution Award
  • Zhejiang export brand
  • Yuhang industry and information technology experts
  • National textile industry energy saving and emission reduction technology application demonstration enterprise
  • Well-known trademarks in yuhang district
  • Of the top 20 companies
  • The fourth session of the council, vice President of units
  • Enterprise technology center of zhejiang province
  • Enterprise credit grade AAA
  • Enterprise credit grade AAA
  • Top ten innovative product/technology
  • Management innovation excellence award
  • 2014-2015 top ten enterprises
  • Baidu credit certification
  • Competitiveness of 20 companies
  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO14001:2004
  • Zhejiang Province
  • 2011 Hangzhou Industrial Investment and technological innovation of advanced units
  • Corporate credit rating of AAA
  • Zhejiang famous brand
  • Hangzhou famous brand
  • Hangzhou famous trademarks
  • Yuhang District harmonious labor relations model enterprise
  • Enterprise Technology Center in Hangzhou
  • Credible AA level units
  • Excellent Organization Education Workers
  • 2011 Hangzhou Industrial Investment and technological innovation of advanced units
  • High-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province
  • Credible units
  • China industrial textile products Industry Association
  • High-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province
  • Credible units
  • Yuhang District franchised business model
  • Enterprise Technology Center in Hangzhou
  • Yuhang District harmonious labor relations model enterprise
  • Zhejiang famous
  • Wantai certification

A global sales network

Company on the basis of the domestic market, and strive to expand overseas market, in the form of direct selling products to all over the world

Understanding, bond

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Hangzhou's bond non-woven co., LTD., founded in 2002, invested by hangzhou boss industrial group, established in December 2007, restructuring joint-stock company. Bond nonwoven fabric in a project started in 2004, the existing 8 nonwovens production line, electronic wipes involved in industrial products, luxury goods